The Brightliner Collection was designed to be a modular fixture with simple forms that can be customized. The chandelier was the first piece designed and is comprised of the pendant in the middle of the fixture and the outer components of the fixture are transformed into sconces. All the fixtures are comprised of custom mold blown glass with prismatic acrylic diffusers. LED technology that shines through the acrylic diffuser in a linear direction provides an ambient glow as well as a single spot in the center of the fixture that casts a dramatic downlight on a table top.

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Brightliner Sofa

Brightliner Ottoman

Brightliner Club Chair

Brightliner Arm Chair with Arms

Brightliner Bar Stool

Brightliner Coffee Table

Brightliner Large Dining Table

Brightliner Bar Table

Brightliner Cafe Dining Table

Chandelier A015

Sconce A016

Pendant A010

Chandelier A009

Table Lamp A020

Table Lamp A010

Table Lamp A014

Sconce A013

Sconce A017

Sconce A018

Sconce A019