Crawford 床

Crawford 床

产品编号 CR-B110-K CR-B110-Q CR-B110-D

产品尺寸 宽2255 x 深2265 x 高900mm 宽2255 x 深2065 x 高900mm 宽2255 x 深1865 x 高900mm

材质说明 木质胶合板底座、黑色不锈钢椅脚、软包 *如需参考更多软包选择,请见"布料&材质".

The Crawford Collection is comprised of a sofa, bed, tables and a dining chair. Following Stellar Works’ ethos, the collection was developed on the principle of honest design that celebrates Asian sensibilities, whilst reinterpreting them for an international audience. The collection also represents a fusion of cultures that celebrates the growing design movement in the Asia Pacific region, as championed by Lane Crawford. Tom Fereday’s designs utilise natural materials, tactile finishes and subtle, yet elegant details.

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    Crawford 床