Stellar Works X Marriott International : 喜来登全新全球客房设计体验会

Stellar Works X Marriott International : 喜来登全新全球客房设计体验会

2019 M05 22

At the end of March, the Stellar Works Headquarters in Shanghai hosted a gathering of more than 140 General Managers from Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, Asia Pacific.

Yuichiro Hori, CEO and founder of Stellar Works, together with Karen Kim, VP of Global Design Asia Pacific at Marriott International and Mike Fulkerson, VP of Brand & Marketing Asia Pacific welcomed the guests with a Stellar Works factory tour. The event also gave guests the opportunity to experience the full mock-up rooms, highlighting the new Sheraton global guest room design.

Called "The Art of Gathering”, the new design vision weaves together Sheraton's principles to provide an elevated guest room experience suitable for working, meeting, and relaxing.

This design will be rolled-out in global Sheraton guest rooms in the near future.